Monday, February 28, 2011

What a weekend

Hello All. I made it to Florida on Friday and enjoyed a wonderful weekend with my sister and mom.

We went out for dinner, did a little shopping, laid by the pool, and relaxed. I can't wait to do it again...

However, MJ didn't have such an enjoyable weekend. He had all three girls home by himself (for the very first time ever) and he got sick. Really sick. So sick he went to the doctor today. In fact, he's already in bed.
I am slowly working on cleaning this mess of a place, we call home. I guess when you are sick for more then a week, things get out of control. Hoping things get back to normal around here soon!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An update to the update...

Here we are a day later and a day sicker. Little Miss went to school today where her teacher told me "they are dropping like flies!". Everyone is sick. Kinda makes me want to keep her home tomorrow. We will see how she is in the morning.
I almost kept her home today. She does have a little cough, but I was the one who felt horrible. Like, didn't want to move, close the blinds, everyone needs to be quiet horrible. So for a minute or two, I contemplated calling her in sick, just so I didn't have to get out of bed.
MJ has been crazy busy at work, so there was no way for me to take a "sick day". I was worried that I had a sinus infection because my head was killing me and it felt like a ton of bricks, pressing on my sinuses, but my mucus was clear and I had only been sick since Monday. Usually you drag everyone to the doctors office, wait forever, and they tell you it is just a virus. Go home, rest, drink lots of fluids, and come back if it gets any worse. I was not going to put myself through all of that so I googled it. How to relieve sinus pressure... I tried a few of the online tricks, and after a nice and long hot shower I was feeling much better. Nowhere near healthy but at least functioning.
The rest of our afternoon was fine until about 4:00 when Miss Loo woke us all up from our naps. She had an earache. By now I know, that if she is crying about her ear hurting, she has an ear infection. I called the pediatrician and they could get us in at 8:15pm. That's only fifteen minutes past her bedtime. Great! Maybe we would get home by 9:30.
Luckily, the moms at Kindergarten pickup today were talking about a new Urgent Care Center that just opened in Cherry Hill. I called and they said to come right over!
Within an hour and fifteen minutes we had filled out the new patient paperwork, saw the nurse, and the doctor, and had prescriptions for both me and Lexa Loo. I decided it couldn't hurt to have them look at me too while we were there. A HUGE Thanks to the moms in the pickup line. I owe you all coffee or something.
Hope to be back tomorrow with a Healthy Home Post. Gonna let these drugs and some much needed rest work.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Germ update

Hello all.
Today is a new day.
A few new inches of snow on the ground.
A new nose to wipe.

Except this time, I'm wiping my own. I have come down with a nasty cold. My head hurts, my nose is a faucet, and I ache all over. I finally remembered to take some Sudafed to help the symptoms. After so many years of being pregnant or nursing during cold season, sometimes I forget that they make medicine "regular" adults can take. Please say a prayer for me today. I would love to be free of this cold by Friday. I can't imagine the pressure change in a plane with a head cold like this.
Poor Lexa Loo is still fighting the fever. Her spirit is up but she just can't shake the fever.
Peanut is still fever free and feeling fine, praise the LORD. The poor thing is probably suffering from cabin fever like the rest of us, but is thoroughly enjoying her sisters' couch and TV time. They have watched so much TV over the past few days, I'm going to have some unhappy campers once they all get healthy again.

These pictures are for Lyndz... thanks for teaching Peanut to smile...
Say cheese Peanut!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

House full of germs

This has not been a fun weekend here at the Jordan house. Little Miss came home Friday night with a headache, which quickly turned into a high fever. She was miserable all day Saturday. She had her corner spot on the couch and watched TV and movies all day. The poor thing would not take any medicine, so I had to constantly monitor her fever to make sure it didn't get too high. Thankfully, after a good nights rest, her fever broke, and she is back to normal. This mean mom, didn't let her go to church or sell her cookies at the girl scout booth today so her attitude is lacking today.
Unfortunately, this morning, number two woke up with pink eye.

After I called church to tell them I wouldn't make it in to teach, and the doctor's office for a prescription, she went down with a fever. Poor little Lex was just as miserable as her sister. Only she decided that she would start puking! Bless her heart she has made it to the potty in time once. She's trying. There is nothing like watching a little one get sick. It just breaks my heart.

So now, we wait. I'm leaving for Florida on Friday, for a little R&R with my sister and Mom. Peanut has yet to get sick. Let's hope this is the end of it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm a slacker

At the stroke of midnight Monday night, I turned right back into a pumpkin, and have been slacking ever since. So I guess I had one good day of being awesome. (so much for those Super Mom awards!)
MJ went out of town Monday afternoon for a funeral, and he got home late last night. He spent the next five or so hours at home sleeping, and was off to work way before my eyes opened this morning. I had grand plans to get this house back in some sort of order today. As I look around, I can see that my plans are still just plans. Maybe tomorrow. Tonight, MJ is working late again and the couch keeps calling my name. Goodnight all...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Success

It's only 9:30 in the morning, and I think we are well on our way to a beautiful Valentines day. Not only have I got tons done this morning, but it's also supposed to be 55 degrees outside today.

Today I feel like one of those moms! You know the kind that are always put together, the house clean, their calender color coded, and their children's hair perfectly in place. Most days, I'm just not that mom, but today has been an exception.

Last night, I finished up the Valentines for little Miss.
For the girls... we put a homemade hair clip, a heart ring, and some lip gloss in a bag.

For the boys.... we put in a car and a plane.

I picked up some spring tulips for the teachers.

Don't they look pretty? I am so ready for spring!

This morning I woke up early.

 I made my valentine some coffee and breakfast while he was in the shower.
Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls
Unfortunately, Peanut wanted to say Happy Valentines Day to her dad as well. She was up at 5:30. I have a feeling she will be asleep on the couch soon.

After we sent our valentine on his way to work, I made the rest of the cinnamon rolls for the girls, got in the shower, and then I made some puppy chow and chex mix for the teacher's lounge. I told you I had a good morning.

Somewhere in there, I made an iron on shirt for Little Miss to wear today. It didn't really turn out the way I wanted, but she liked it, so that's all that mattered. I also snuck in a special little something for her. I hope she's excited when she finds it in her bag of Valentines.

What did you do today to make your Valentine's Day special?

ps. Don't be too impressed. I will return to my normal, messy, unorganized, and forgetful self around midnight. Just call me Cinderella! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

MJ's V-day gift

MJ and I have decided not to exchange gifts this year. Roses are too expensive and die quite rapidly in this house. I don't like boxes of chocolate. Since I'm on my way to Florida at the end of the month, and he's going skiing sometime next month, we are considering these our gifts for each other.

However, I think if I wrap the leftover valentines for the boys, he would be happy. You should see him playing with the Matchbox and Hot wheels.
He is truly a kid at heart!

Wiggly Tooth

Someone has a wiggly tooth.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I am not crafty

but I'm trying!
Some how I managed to pull off decent homemade valentines. But let's be truthfull. I am about as non crafty as you get. I tried to make these...

Flexible Dreams

but it turned out like this...
Don't laugh... I can hear you laughing.
I'm going to try again until I get it right!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Projects 2011

Growing up I don't think we really celebrated Valentines Day. We bought the little boxed valentines to exchange at school, but I don't remember any special heart day stuff at home. (I have lost most of my memory since having my children, so maybe I'm wrong. Mom, feel free to chime in if you disagree.)  
Anyway, I do remember one of my friends having awesome Valentines Days. (Yes, VanZante's this is all you!) I always thought that was so cool. OK. Truthfully, I still think it's cool. So this year I'm trying to recreate that in my own house. I'm starting with the valentines...

I have a few boxes of the standard valentines up in the attic somewhere, but in the past few years, boxed valentines have gotten pretty skimpy. Does anyone know what happend to the envelopes? 

 I saw this cute idea on a blog, 30HandmadeDays
It was so easy! It's just a HotWheels Car and some lollipops! She even has a printable you can use. I made my own on publisher so they fit the bags I used.
For the Girls, I made these little ladybug heart hair clips. I again took the idea from 30HandmadeDays, but this time I changed it up a bit. Here are my little lovebugs.

I'm doing something a little different for my Kindergartener. Let's hope I get them all done by Monday.
Stay tuned for more Valentine stuff this year. I think it's going to be great!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kindergarten Report Card

Last Friday was Report Card Day. In our house, if you get a good report back from your teacher, you get to choose dinner (a litttle upgrade from english muffin pizza that Grandpa Jordan is famous for). Guess what Little Miss chose???

Thanks babe for making a great dinner, and yes, I posted the pictures. He would like you all to know that he is the better cook. I concede. The man can cook. Now if I can just get him to come home a little earlier, he can cook everynight!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

List Update part 2

So it turns out that a little update on my list is exactly what I needed.
I woke up early this morning (read 4:15), thanks to Peanut crying, and got my butt out the door with this one...
Not only did it give my MJ a few more minutes of sleep, but I also made him coffee! He gets topnotch service around here.

Let's hope this momma doesn't crash and burn before noon. Here's to a nice cup of coffee... or two.

Monday, February 7, 2011

List Update

We are already a week into February and I wanted to check in on my 2011 List.
How am I doing so far?

Work on communicating I'm giving myself a B on this one.
Be confident and optimistic I'm still a work in progress on this as well
Take our dog on more walks Epic Fail. I haven't taken her at all. poor pup! 4:30am proves to be too early for me
Expand our garden ... waiting for spring
Learn about canning food.... summer
Kiss on every hello and goodbye I get an A here! I am definitely more aware
Read more books I get an A here too! Almost done with this book
Go outside with the kids more Lots of snow fun with the girls.
Get professional photos of our family I actually won a photo session and I just haven't made time to call the photographer.
Refinish a small dresser for Little Miss ... waiting for garage sale season
Make/ Finish photo albums for the girls I started on Alexa's baby book
Eat more veggies I signed up for a farm share today! More info to come soon
Go one month with no soda  .... lent... maybe?
Drink more water  Failing grade
Tell people more often how much they mean to me
Learn more about web design Fail
Do something totally life-changing
Go on a little vacation Hopefully booking tickets tomorrow!
Be a better sister (See above)
Organize our office Working on it!
Buy more local foods from the farmer's market Farm share!
Be a better friend
Make a new friend
Volunteer with the girls
Improve my posture with the miracle balls regularly Did really well for about 2 weeks :(
Plant tulips... next fall
Backup my photos somewhere Fail
Paint the front porch floor
Finish the Attic  Plan to finish this weekend!
Teach Little Miss how to ride a bike
Go into the city more Fail. I haven't even been over the bridge, except to drive to the airport and back.
Clean out our dryer's hoses
Give up something big for Lent ...soda? sweets?
Floss more Dr.Dentist would be proud thanks to my floss picks
Go on a summer picnic with the whole family
Revamp our laundry room
Find a daily/weekly cleaning routine I can stick with Getting better, but not there yet!
Love life, every day!

I am still a work in progress, but writing everything down makes me think about it. I'm hoping to revisit my list one a month.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mom's note to peanut

Dear Peanut,
I love you more than you know. I treasure every snuggle, and each little pouty lipped kiss you give me, BUT.... could we do this after the sun comes up?
Thanks Baby. Mom loves you!

This one has been waking me up at 5:30 every morning. This is usually the same time MJ leaves for work. Which leaves this mom a little frazzled and tired . I prefer to sleep till 7.

Because of this 5:30 wake up hour I usually find her somewhere in the house like this
I guess I should wake her up, but this momma is tired!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hair Clips and Doll Pegs

There are so many great blogs, that have so many great ideas. Since I have zero crafting abilities, I am going to just learn from them.

Here are two blogs that have posted some great projects I think even I can do.

First up, Flexible Dreams just posted a tutorial on how to make these super cute flower hair clips.

Then, at Gluesticks, I saw these adorable little wooden doll pegs with matching cups.

OK. Truthfully, I already started both projects........... and they are both still a work in progress. Hope to have pictures of my end results by summer. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 things

10 random things about me.

1. I never wanted to be a housewife. I always thought that I would be a working mom. Nice corporate job, nice big house, with nice guest quarters for my live in nanny. Not a joke. My best friend was going to be my nanny. Now she makes all the money and I'm here at home with three kids. How did this happen???

2. My best girlfriends are both named Kari, or Carrie, depending on which one you are talking about. We are all married now, but I have a hard time calling them by their husbands last names. They both live in Iowa, and I went to grade school with both of them. I can still crack myself up at any moment remembering the stuff we did as kids. I don't talk to them nearly as often as I should, but nothing has really changed in our relationship. Everyone should have friends like mine!

#3. Some days I miss my friends like crazy! (see above) I have a hard time making friends here in Jersey.

#4. I met my husband on spring break, in Panama City Beach, Florida. But if you ask me where we met, I will probably tell you we met in Florida, on vacation. It just sounds less trashy. (Although it was a great trip with a bunch of great girlfriends.)

#5. I have a fear of heights.

#6. I love to camp. No campers for me. Just a tent, an air mattress, and a sleeping bag is all I need. I bought a tent a few years ago, for a steal, and can't wait until the girls are old enough to use it. Anyone know of a good "Red Rock type" camping spots near NJ.

#7. I haven't camped in a really long time. We used to camp in high school but that was really just a lazy way to sleep after drinking around a campfire at night. As kids, my parents took us camping every summer. I think it was just their way of drinking around a campfire with friends, but us kids had a blast!

#8. I teach Sunday School for the Kindergartners at my church. This includes Little Miss. It is a ton of fun, and I enjoy it every week!

#9. I am terrified that somehow I will really screw up my children.

#10. I don't always like living in the suburbs. I would rather be in the city, or in the country. Unfortunately, the suburbs have some of the best school districts, so here we are. Cherry Hill East is ranked 57th in NJ. We will probably be here awhile.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Missing Wallet

Two weeks ago, I quickly ran to Target before I had to pick up Little Miss at school. Somewhere between the checkout and my car, my wallet went missing. I ran back to Target after picking up Little Miss, but no one had seen it. So back home I went, to quickly cancel all my cards. What a pain. I hoped and prayed that it would turn up somewhere. I was hoping that I had just misplaced it. But a week went by, and still no sign of the wallet. My new cards came in the mail, and I was dreading the trip to the DMV to replace my ID.
Then last week, while waiting in the Kindergarten car line, my mailman pulled up next to me. He asked me if I had lost a wallet?
This is what he handed me...

I was ecstatic. Prayers do get answered!
Someone took my wallet and cash, but threw all the cards in a shopping basket somewhere. Credit cards, gift cards, movie passes, and my ID were all there. All I had to do was hand the postman, $1.90!

God Bless the person who dropped them in the mail for me. I wish I could thank you in person.

To the person who took the wallet, I pray that the money served your family dinner, and that it helped bless you. But I am sorry, because the "Coach" wallet you took, was just a knockoff!