Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Box Share #14

I got this email from HoneyBrook yesterday:
We are pleased to report that, other than the loss of a few pepper plants at the Pennington farm, Honey Brook Organic Farm sustained no damage in Hurricane Irene. You can expect the same quantity of produce in this week's Delivered Boxed Share.

What's in this week's box:

Amish Paste Tomatoes, Beets, Eggplant, Garlic, Grape Tomatoes, Green Beans, Hot Peppers, Parsley, and Peppers.
FOUND OUTSIDE OF YOUR BOX: 1 box Heirloom Tomatoes and one Watermelon.

Pick-Your-Own in Chesterfield:
Sunflowers, cut flowers, raspberries, green/snap beans, okra, hot peppers, international eggplant, cherry & sauce/plum tomatoes and herbs are near the Distribution Center, including assorted mint, rosemary, stevia, lemon verbena, specialty basil, sage, lemon balm, chives, catnip and thyme.

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