Sunday, May 23, 2010

I ♥ the Asian Market!

I didn't have anything planned for dinner today, so while we were out running errands, I needed to stop and grab something. We don't eat fast food, so that means running to the grocery store. On our way, I spotted the Asian Market and decided to look there. Madison wanted Sushi. Unfortunately, her daddy, who is her Sushi rolling partner, was busy installing windows. I talked her into a bag of Mussels instead. Our Asian Market may not be the prettiest store around, (Madison holds her nose for the first five minutes because it smells like fish) but the prices can't be beat. We found 2 Pineapples for $1.15 a piece. and a bag of Mussels for $2.50. I stopped and picked up a bottle of Chardonnay for the Mussels and threw together a quick and delicious dinner.

 Here is how I did it.

First, I soaked the mussels in cold water for at least 20 minutes. (I changed the water once just to rid the little buggers of all the dirt and sand) Threw out the dead ones and pulled the beards off any that had them. I took about 4 Tbsp olive oil and sauteed 6 cloves of garlic. Then I melted in 4 Tbsp of butter and then added about 3 cups of wine. I added a little salt and pepper to taste while this was cooking. I let this reduce for about 15 minutes while I chopped up 4-5 Roma tomatoes, 4scallions, and a large handful of parsley. Once the liquid was reduced to about half, I threw in the tomatoes and let it cook 4 minutes. Then I tossed in the mussels and covered it with a lid. I cooked this for 5 minutes and then added the scallions and the parsley for the last 5 minutes. I served it on linguine with really crusty bread.

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