Thursday, June 2, 2011

Strawberry Trip #2

I received an email from the Farm Share today, encouraging people to come and pick strawberries. This was not in our plans for today, because my husband was working. Although, when the email said we could pick 8 quarts, I decided it was well worth the trip without him. So we piled in the car around 2:00 with hopes that they would nap on the way. It was no surprise that Peanut was the only one who snoozed.
There are so many strawberries in the fields right now! We had no problem finding all we could fit in our boxes. My girls were good little troopers about it, and only whined for half the time. Even with all the whining, I'd say it was well worth it! Look!
It just doesn't get much better than fresh sweet strawberries! If you only eat store bought strawberries, you must come over and try these. It really is nature's candy!
Have I told you how much I'm loving this farm share thing yet? LOVE IT!!!

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