Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bathroom Update Time

So MJ has been telling me for almost 6 years, that I have to have the kids all potty trained before I start a huge project updating the main bathroom. With the youngest finally potty trained last September, I decided it was finally time to start.
I have had lots of time to think about how to make this bathroom function for our family, because with 3 girls sharing this bathroom, I'm going to have perform miracles to make this tiny bath work for everyone.
Here is what we started with 7 years ago.

You can read what I have done in the years between then and now here.
I did as much as possible without spending much money, but now it's time. MJ has been busy working on it, and it's coming right along.
I am helping when I can. I pulled off the painted wallpaper (which they said you couldn't do), and found a few more layers under the seashell paper.
This one was my favorite. French Poodles. I guess it matched the bath and toilet. Can you imagine this all over the walls?

I'll keep updating as the project continues. I am looking forward to having another functioning bathroom again.

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