Sunday, August 8, 2010

Great night for baseball

MJ has been busy lately. Work is really really busy. Which is definitely an answer to prayer. It is great for him and really great for the company. Not so great in the amount of sleep he gets, but with the current economy, he isn't complaining. One of the perks you get when you work like a dog for a small company is occasionally you get thrown the company Phillies tickets.

Ok... that photo misrepresents our seats...
There, that's better. Ten rows back behind the catcher.
It was a beautiful night in Philadelphia and despite the loss, it was a great game. There was a waitress to bring us food and drinks and a bar inside that stays open late.
We had a great time with one of MJs friends. Even Aunt Corinn came by to check out the seats and say hello.  Don't be offended by the fingers below, its the Jordan sign of affection. I swear!  

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