Sunday, August 1, 2010

I am a corn snob

I admit it. I am a corn snob and I am turning my family into corn snobs with me. You see, here in New Jersey they sell this stuff at the grocery store. It looks like corn but when you open it, it looks like this...
They call it Jersey Corn. Its white, bland, and kind of nasty.

However, some days when we go to the store, we get lucky and come home with this.
Delicious sweet bi-color corn!
We usually do the happy dance while picking out our corn. The other people look at us like we are crazy but I don't care. I'm from Iowa. I was raised this way.... with good tasting corn. So if you are reading this and enjoying some of that delicious Iowa bi-color corn this summer, think of me and ship me some would ya!?!

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