Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bathroom Blues.....

Things are not going well..... This bathroom quick fix is taking much longer than I thought. I finally got around to painting the vanity cabinet the other day. I primed the cabinet and the doors, and then got stalled without paint. It looks better already, but it needs a coat of semi-gloss to finish it.
Then I went to put the new hinges on, and drilled right through the front of the cabinet. This is not a nice wood vanity, it's a old 60's particle board front that I don't think I can repair. So I took a little trip to ReStore. There are two of these stores fairly local to me, and I was impressed at the selection they had. I bought two doors to fit on the bathroom vanity for five dollars each. Bumping up my costs to sixteen dollars. Which is sixteen dollars above my original estimate. Hopefully I will figure out how to install them without messing it up.
Maybe I'll have a finished project to show you next week. But... I wouldn't hold your breath!

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