Sunday, May 15, 2011

Who Do I Look Like?

Growing up, everyone said that my sister looked like my dad (they both have darker skin), and that I looked like my mom (fair as can be). I guess I never really looked into it. How did I not realize in 28 years, that they were wrong. I do indeed look like my dad.
It all started the week before Mother's Day, when everyone was posting pictures of themselves with their mom on Facebook. I didn't have a recent photo of just the two of us, so I quickly cropped my sister out of this one. Sorry Lyndz.

If you look closely, my mom and my sister look alike. No question. I look similar, but not like the two of them. So I found an old photo on my computer of my dad with Lexa Loo a few years ago. Look at me above and then look at my dad. here....
Do you see it?
Yep... I look like my dad. I told MJ I just noticed this, and he laughed. He said he could have told me that from the beginning. I guess I need to look in the mirror more often.

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