Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Garden 2011

So I swear that at one point , I wrote this post. But since no one read it and I can't find it on my blog, I guess I drempt it. Crazy things happen to your mind when you are tired. I guess I'll write it again....

We are welcoming spring/summer with another garden. Last fall, MJ built another garden right next to the old one. Double the garden, double the veggies.

The large garden, was last years garden. MJ tilled up the soil and added some compost and it was good to go. Mother's Day weekend, he got a yard of dirt, and we spent the day filling the new garden and planting. The smallest garden (right next to the new garden) is for the girls. It is already full of strawberries and the lone blueberry plant looks healthy as well. Nothing red in the garden yet, but lots and lots of little flowers.

We still have quite a bit of work to do out there. Besides the usual backyard upkeep, I still need to put a fence around the big garden. Last year the bunnies and squirrels got all my beans. I am determined to have beans this year! I also want to get mulch to go aound the garden and up by the house. Currently, it is a sad spread of weeds. I bought some flower bulbs to plant against the house, and I would love do something under the deck steps. It is nearly impossible to mow all the way under there and it too, is just weeds.
I think I may have found a perfect solution for under the stairs. Behind our shed, I was looking for tomato cages, and amogst the occacional motorcycle part, I found these...

Pefectly good hostas for free!!!
Can't wait to show you what I do with them!

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