Friday, June 25, 2010

Goodbye Pear Tree

We had a really nasty storm blow through yesterday. The skies opened but it was a quick storm. My backyard neighbors had a tree crew come in and do some much needed cleanup to their whole yard. I was outside telling her how well her yard looked, when one of the tree guys came over. He said he wanted to give me a free quote to take down or trim up our half dead pear tree that may have qualified for the ugliest tree award. After some thought I decided that it should just come down. Just taking out the dead sections would leave me with a really skinny, slightly lopsided, really ugly pear tree. I wouldn't normally take down a tree but it was really sick, more and more died each year, and did I mention it was ugly! So while I ran into the house to get them a check, they hopped the fence and went at it with a chainsaw.

Unfortunately, Little Miss was quite upset that her favorite tree was coming down. We had lots of tears! But the yard looks much better now.

I am hoping some day to plant something beautiful to replace it.

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