Saturday, June 26, 2010

Little Loo, Please Swim at the Pool

We have been enjoying the pool  for the last few days. It really is the only thing you can do in this heat and humidity! Little Miss loves playing with her friends, and she is old enough for a little freedom. She can touch in the junior pool, and she swims all over. She still has yet to swim with her head under the water, but we are working on that.

Peanut plays nicely wherever I put her. Her favorite activity is to climb in and out of the baby pool. She loves to take a break and have a little snack.

Then there is Little Miss Loo. It is like pulling teeth to get her to swim. She would prefer to swing while at the pool, or maybe play in the sandbox. Then today, she found the shower. She can reach the rope to turn it on but I need to get up to shut it off. She thinks that's part of the fun. 

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