Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DIY Weekend

MJ doesn't know this yet, but I feel the need to do a little DIYing around this house. I have been spending some "nap time" on the computer checking out some new DIY/Decorating/Beautiful Home Blogs and I have the itch to do something.
I'll be honest and tell you that this usually doesn't turn out well. In the past, while pregnant with my second daughter, I may have torn apart two different bathrooms. That didn't go over so well with MJ because he was left to finish both of my messes. Although I must say, for a city boy, that man can DIY! Those bathrooms are finally done and I really haven't touched much since.
Now to my credit, I am planning two very small projects.
First, since the weather is going to be beautiful this weekend, I am going to paint the chain-link fence. Right now it is a mixture of bare metal and green paint. Something that was probably done in the 60's. I'm just going with a standard black. Truthfully, I already did one side of the house last fall, but it got cold quickly and I never got the other side done. (Ok. Maybe I've done a little DIYing around here, but not much! And yes, I have a hard time completing tasks.)
If that project goes as planned, and I actually complete it, I will move on to my entry rug update. More on that tomorrow!

The following blogs may make you drool,
and drive to the nearest hardware store.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

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