Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Windows

MJ ordered two new windows for our drafty house a few weeks ago. (Yes Mom, I made him order Pella)They came in today so I picked them up, after dropping Little Miss off at Preschool. I was planning on just waiting until MJ feels better to install them, but my thrifty self saw an add in the paper about 20% off. Just my luck they need to be ordered by Saturday. The reason we only ordered two originally, was because we wanted to make sure we measured correctly. Unfortunately, the only way to truly tell if it fits, is to tear out the old window. So away I went. Turns out, I am fully capable of installing windows. Who knew?
(Just incase you can't tell new from old, it's the level one on the right!)

Now that I have proven myself capable, I think we'll wait to do the other windows when MJ feels better.

We ordered the rest of the windows and saved a fortune! I used a 10% off coupon on top of the 20% off price. Plus we should receive the 30% tax deduction. Whoo Hoo!

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