Wednesday, March 2, 2011

12 days and counting

That's right... we have had someone sick here for almost 2 weeks. Not just a little cold... more like non functioning, not going to school sick. I thought we were done with this!
When I got home on Sunday, I felt fine. I finished my Zpack that night and was ready to get this house sanitized. My plan is to work on one or two rooms a day. I woke up on Monday morning feeling OK. I got the little girls room cleaned, floors moped and everything, and I also cleaned the laundry room. But by Monday night my nose started to run and I started sneezing again. When I woke up on Tuesday it hit me like a ton of bricks. It really feels like I have my sinus infection back. Can this happen? MJ is ready to send me back to the doctor. How can I need another Zpack? Don't you think the last one would have killed everything?
Then to top it off, Little Miss woke up this morning. Her head hurts and she feels wobbly when she walks. Can a six year old make this stuff up? I think not. When I reminded her that she would miss her Dr Seuss cupcakes today we had lots of tears. She just couldn't feel better she said, and was so sad that she was going to miss it. Now momma feels bad. Looks like we are making Dr Seuss cupcakes today.

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