Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two week update....

I have been terrible at blogging the last two weeks. I don't think I have posted anything since St. Patty's Day, which feels like forever ago.
We have been keeping busy and I will try and update what's been going on around here.

I am still doing my no sweets during Lent thing. I am finding it much easier this year, than last year.

The 40 bags in 40 days is crashing and burning. (Unless you count the kitchen and diaper trash!) I packed up three bags of stuff to go from my closet, but I am embarrassed to tell you they are still sitting in my room. Thus defeating the purpose right?!?
The girls and I went through a portion of the toys downstairs and have a pile that needs to go as well. Little Miss did a great job of letting go of some toys and I was really proud of her. I am hoping she rubs off on me! Sounds backwards, does it not?

My Spring Cleaning To Do List keeps growing. Most of my list requires a bit of work that needs to be done without kids underfoot. I am sure there is plenty I could cross off during nap time, but this mom has been sneaking naps while the kids nap. I have done a few things I will hopefully share, later this week.

Little Miss lost another tooth and is now sporting a silly smile....
Check out her before and after looks!

I did awesome in the first game of the NCAA tournament. I choose Morehead St. correctly, the first big upset of the tournament. Look where it put me!!
Unfortunately that may have been the last game I guessed correctly. I have plummeted to last place in our pool. This means I have also lost the personal bet I made with MJ. Darn it! I hate to lose.

Grandma and Grandpa J stopped by for a visit and we made a trip up the turnpike to see MJ's brother and family. It is always fun to get together with family! The girls love it.

We also took at trip down to Atlantic City to watch Little Miss's BFF perform at a cheerleading competition. They were so cute!

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