Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sciatic Nerve, a pain in the butt

Unfortunately I don't have a bathroom update to report. I did finish bleaching the grout on the floor but the vanity still stands as it was. I have to put my to do list on the back burner for a bit while a figure out what is going on with my body.

It started last Thursday. I couldn't feel my right foot. I have pain and tingling sensations running from my glute down the back of my leg, to my big toe. It's not crazy painful, but it is annoying enough to put me in a pretty cranky mood. It appears to be more trouble with my sciatic nerve. I had this problem last year, and this time it is taking longer to dissipate. I have been to the chiropractor everyday. They have me on different machines, doing different stretches, and essentially icing my butt every hour.

My plans were to take the girls up to my inlaw's place in the Poconos for Easter. I really need feeling in my right foot to come back, before I drive for three hours. Any prayers you could send my way are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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