Friday, April 29, 2011

We survived

We survived TV turnoff week! It wasn't really that hard. We had a few whiny moments, but all in all, we did great! I forgot that Little Loo was on spring break this week, so that was a little harder than I expected. I am grateful that the weather was beautiful this week, as we spent most of our week outside.

Thankfully, TV Turnoff ended last night. So in the wee hours this morning, after I kissed my husband goodbye, I was cuddled in bed with a scone and some coffee watching the Royal Wedding. I am not big on following the Royal family, or any other celebrity for that matter, but I do like the Pomp and Circumstance of a Royal affair. I love the traditions, the old hymns, the prestige of it all.

I wish I could report that the rest of our day went by so smoothly, but alas, it has come crashing down once again. Here I sit, not knowing weather to laugh or cry.....

I ran outside for a few minutes this morning to throw something on our lawn to kill the weeds. It needed to be done before the dew evaporated, so I put on a TV show for the girls and went to work.

Miss Loo was yelling that Peanut had a marker. I knew that the only markers she could get to were color wonder markers or washable markers so I didn't panic. Until I saw this...

And then this...

So what do you think?   Laugh or Cry

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