Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Monday

So I started off thinking that this day was going to be a long snow day since most public schools are delayed because of snow here, but fortunately, little missy's preschool decided to remain open! Doing the happy dance!
However, this is only because they are afraid we will have another snow day on Wednesday. Yep that's right, 10-18 more inches of snow. We already have 26 inches. Please let the weatherman be wrong. New Jersey can't handle more snow, and I'm almost out of hot chocolate!  Check out some other pictures from our snow storm. I am sure I will post more pictures later this week if we get more snow.

I am working on a few things around the house today. (ok, actually I'm still working on my list of to do's from last week)
Here is my list for this week:
Pictures ordered
Preschool Art sorted
Closet Purge

I think I am going to need more than luck this week. I am going to need a miracle from Mother Nature.

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