Wednesday, January 5, 2011

and the cleanup continues

MJ was impressed with my small bedroom cleanup I posted about. He did comment that he was concered about the small pile of stuff that was leftover.
It was my random jewlery that has no true home. So today, I did something about it! I also did it with random stuff I found around the house. So this project was basically free, and those are the best kind.

I took an old picture frame, that I had already painted, and removed the glass and picture.
Then I found some wire in MJ's garage and cut it to fit across the back.
Because I wanted to do this quickly and keep it free, i used what I had on hand. Which happend to be the hot glue gun. I just stuck the wires in plenty of the glue and let it dry.

 then voila...

another project finished! Hooray!

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