Monday, January 3, 2011

Time to clean up

The holidays flew by again this year, and I am glad to have the new year here. It is a great reason to start cleaning up. Once the tree comes down, our living room will be back to normal.(My MJ thinks the tree should stay up unil January 6th, so that room is on hold for now.) 

I started on our Master bedroom. It is supposed to be the calm retreat for me and MJ, but it got trashed this Christmas season. With a small house and the girls into everything, it became my place to stash presents. Which turned into throwing stuff in there and then quickly shutting the door. Let me show you...

It needed some attention fast! The only obstacle in my way was these three munchins.
Since I have the cutest three little girls in Jersey in my home, it becomes difficult to find time to do anything somedays. Someone needs a drink, or something to eat, a diaper change, help on the potty, someone to play a game with, or help with homework. The needs goes on and on until about 8pm when this tired mom collapses on the couch. This is why I have a hard time finding time to cross stuff off my list.

But yesterday, while MJ was enjoying his birthday present, tickets to the Jets v. Bills game, this momma gave it a good shot.
And it went from this...

to this...
want to know my secret... some tv time with the pillow pets!
Here is to organizing my house, one tiny bit at a time.

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