Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Book

On my list of thing to do this year I wrote "read more books".

Here is the book I started reading...
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life (P.S.)
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Not only is this book accomplishing the "read more books" goal but it is also starting me on a path that will incorporate many of my other goals.
Expand my garden, Learn how to can food, Eat more veggies, Go outside more, Buy locally.

I am only halfway through it and already I am loving it. It is packed with great information about gardening yet it is an easy read. It really has me thinking about food in a whole new way. I actually told MJ last night I want to buy a farm and raise chickens. Seriously. My grandparents were chicken farmers so it's not that much of a stretch! Anyone have some farm land they want to sell me?

It is a great read. Go check it out.

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