Monday, January 17, 2011

Still cleaning house

Little Miss reminded me that we were planning on cleaning up one room everyday until the house was clean. Isn't she sweet! We haven't exactly stuck to that plan. I can say however that I am doing much better at keeping up the parts that we have tackled.
Here is what I accomplished today...
Cleaning out the attic one box at a time.
My wonderful husband gave me a little push on this one. He left this box down when we were rearranging the attic. He said it was time to let it go. I guess that means we won't be having any more little ones.
I sent most of the clothes to goodwill. I kept a few pieces that I like to use for fabric crafts like this one.

I am loving this gorgeous wreath from Decorating Addiction, made from old sweaters.
Click here for her step by step directions.

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