Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 things

10 random things about me.

1. I never wanted to be a housewife. I always thought that I would be a working mom. Nice corporate job, nice big house, with nice guest quarters for my live in nanny. Not a joke. My best friend was going to be my nanny. Now she makes all the money and I'm here at home with three kids. How did this happen???

2. My best girlfriends are both named Kari, or Carrie, depending on which one you are talking about. We are all married now, but I have a hard time calling them by their husbands last names. They both live in Iowa, and I went to grade school with both of them. I can still crack myself up at any moment remembering the stuff we did as kids. I don't talk to them nearly as often as I should, but nothing has really changed in our relationship. Everyone should have friends like mine!

#3. Some days I miss my friends like crazy! (see above) I have a hard time making friends here in Jersey.

#4. I met my husband on spring break, in Panama City Beach, Florida. But if you ask me where we met, I will probably tell you we met in Florida, on vacation. It just sounds less trashy. (Although it was a great trip with a bunch of great girlfriends.)

#5. I have a fear of heights.

#6. I love to camp. No campers for me. Just a tent, an air mattress, and a sleeping bag is all I need. I bought a tent a few years ago, for a steal, and can't wait until the girls are old enough to use it. Anyone know of a good "Red Rock type" camping spots near NJ.

#7. I haven't camped in a really long time. We used to camp in high school but that was really just a lazy way to sleep after drinking around a campfire at night. As kids, my parents took us camping every summer. I think it was just their way of drinking around a campfire with friends, but us kids had a blast!

#8. I teach Sunday School for the Kindergartners at my church. This includes Little Miss. It is a ton of fun, and I enjoy it every week!

#9. I am terrified that somehow I will really screw up my children.

#10. I don't always like living in the suburbs. I would rather be in the city, or in the country. Unfortunately, the suburbs have some of the best school districts, so here we are. Cherry Hill East is ranked 57th in NJ. We will probably be here awhile.

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