Monday, February 7, 2011

List Update

We are already a week into February and I wanted to check in on my 2011 List.
How am I doing so far?

Work on communicating I'm giving myself a B on this one.
Be confident and optimistic I'm still a work in progress on this as well
Take our dog on more walks Epic Fail. I haven't taken her at all. poor pup! 4:30am proves to be too early for me
Expand our garden ... waiting for spring
Learn about canning food.... summer
Kiss on every hello and goodbye I get an A here! I am definitely more aware
Read more books I get an A here too! Almost done with this book
Go outside with the kids more Lots of snow fun with the girls.
Get professional photos of our family I actually won a photo session and I just haven't made time to call the photographer.
Refinish a small dresser for Little Miss ... waiting for garage sale season
Make/ Finish photo albums for the girls I started on Alexa's baby book
Eat more veggies I signed up for a farm share today! More info to come soon
Go one month with no soda  .... lent... maybe?
Drink more water  Failing grade
Tell people more often how much they mean to me
Learn more about web design Fail
Do something totally life-changing
Go on a little vacation Hopefully booking tickets tomorrow!
Be a better sister (See above)
Organize our office Working on it!
Buy more local foods from the farmer's market Farm share!
Be a better friend
Make a new friend
Volunteer with the girls
Improve my posture with the miracle balls regularly Did really well for about 2 weeks :(
Plant tulips... next fall
Backup my photos somewhere Fail
Paint the front porch floor
Finish the Attic  Plan to finish this weekend!
Teach Little Miss how to ride a bike
Go into the city more Fail. I haven't even been over the bridge, except to drive to the airport and back.
Clean out our dryer's hoses
Give up something big for Lent ...soda? sweets?
Floss more Dr.Dentist would be proud thanks to my floss picks
Go on a summer picnic with the whole family
Revamp our laundry room
Find a daily/weekly cleaning routine I can stick with Getting better, but not there yet!
Love life, every day!

I am still a work in progress, but writing everything down makes me think about it. I'm hoping to revisit my list one a month.

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