Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Germ update

Hello all.
Today is a new day.
A few new inches of snow on the ground.
A new nose to wipe.

Except this time, I'm wiping my own. I have come down with a nasty cold. My head hurts, my nose is a faucet, and I ache all over. I finally remembered to take some Sudafed to help the symptoms. After so many years of being pregnant or nursing during cold season, sometimes I forget that they make medicine "regular" adults can take. Please say a prayer for me today. I would love to be free of this cold by Friday. I can't imagine the pressure change in a plane with a head cold like this.
Poor Lexa Loo is still fighting the fever. Her spirit is up but she just can't shake the fever.
Peanut is still fever free and feeling fine, praise the LORD. The poor thing is probably suffering from cabin fever like the rest of us, but is thoroughly enjoying her sisters' couch and TV time. They have watched so much TV over the past few days, I'm going to have some unhappy campers once they all get healthy again.

These pictures are for Lyndz... thanks for teaching Peanut to smile...
Say cheese Peanut!

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