Sunday, February 20, 2011

House full of germs

This has not been a fun weekend here at the Jordan house. Little Miss came home Friday night with a headache, which quickly turned into a high fever. She was miserable all day Saturday. She had her corner spot on the couch and watched TV and movies all day. The poor thing would not take any medicine, so I had to constantly monitor her fever to make sure it didn't get too high. Thankfully, after a good nights rest, her fever broke, and she is back to normal. This mean mom, didn't let her go to church or sell her cookies at the girl scout booth today so her attitude is lacking today.
Unfortunately, this morning, number two woke up with pink eye.

After I called church to tell them I wouldn't make it in to teach, and the doctor's office for a prescription, she went down with a fever. Poor little Lex was just as miserable as her sister. Only she decided that she would start puking! Bless her heart she has made it to the potty in time once. She's trying. There is nothing like watching a little one get sick. It just breaks my heart.

So now, we wait. I'm leaving for Florida on Friday, for a little R&R with my sister and Mom. Peanut has yet to get sick. Let's hope this is the end of it.

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