Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Missing Wallet

Two weeks ago, I quickly ran to Target before I had to pick up Little Miss at school. Somewhere between the checkout and my car, my wallet went missing. I ran back to Target after picking up Little Miss, but no one had seen it. So back home I went, to quickly cancel all my cards. What a pain. I hoped and prayed that it would turn up somewhere. I was hoping that I had just misplaced it. But a week went by, and still no sign of the wallet. My new cards came in the mail, and I was dreading the trip to the DMV to replace my ID.
Then last week, while waiting in the Kindergarten car line, my mailman pulled up next to me. He asked me if I had lost a wallet?
This is what he handed me...

I was ecstatic. Prayers do get answered!
Someone took my wallet and cash, but threw all the cards in a shopping basket somewhere. Credit cards, gift cards, movie passes, and my ID were all there. All I had to do was hand the postman, $1.90!

God Bless the person who dropped them in the mail for me. I wish I could thank you in person.

To the person who took the wallet, I pray that the money served your family dinner, and that it helped bless you. But I am sorry, because the "Coach" wallet you took, was just a knockoff!

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  1. Haley...I had a post just like this all written and never posted it. Roy lost his wallet while traveling for work a couple of months ago and the Amtrak lost and found eventually mailed it back to us with everything in place! He had already gotten a new everything but it still felt good to know that someone was honest enough to turn it in to lost and found.