Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Presidents Day!

It is Monday today, but it still feels like Friday. Little missy has no preschool, due to the holiday, so we are all hanging out at home. I think we need to get out today and go do something. I need to go visit the craft store and look into getting a poster framed for our bedroom. Maybe while we are there we can look into a little craft for the girls. I am not a very crafty person, but for my children I am trying to be.

I made my favorite chicken salad for lunch on Saturday. Here is the recipe:
First put on a big pot of water to boil. Add in a bullion cube for a little flavor. When the water boils add 2 or three chicken breasts. Let them cook for 15-20 minutes. (You can use any type of cooked chicken. I find this the easiest method when you don't have a rotisserie chicken, and you just want to whip up a quick lunch.) Once chicken is cooked thoroughly, dice chicken and add to bowl.
Here are the rest of the players... sliced red grapes, chopped pecans, diced apples and diced celery.

Throw these into your bowl with the cooked chicken.
Next, add in some mayo (not miracle whip, that's gross), honey mustard, salt, and pepper.
I usually just eyeball this part. *Note, in the above picture, there was not enough mayo. After stirring it up I added another big scoop* I would guesstimate (is that a word) about 1/2 cup mayo and 2 tbsp honey mustard. Salt and pepper to taste. I like to start on the shy side, then taste, and adjust as I go.
Here is what it should look like when finished.

If I was serving this to guests it would come on a bed of lettuce with a piece of parmesan toast. MJ likes to put this on bread with a slice of cheese. I think it is best just out of the bowl, but eat it however you please. Enjoy!

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  1. Yaay! I'm so excited you have a blog! I found it on FB. I keep one, too, so I'm going to add you to my stalking list.
    I just read your Valentine's dinner post. That sounds so good! I keep hearing about this Pioneer Woman. I'm going to have to look into it...her stuff sounds really good.