Friday, March 19, 2010

Book Sale

At our house we like to read, we really like to read.
Little Miss borrows 25+ books each time we go to the library. She just can't get enough.
Miss Loo loves Dr. Seuss. She will be reading on her own soon.
Peanut just likes to chew on the books right now, but I blame that on her teeth.
I love to read when I have time. My house suffers from it but I try to make up for it in between books.
MJ loves to read also, but we have slightly different tastes when it comes to books.
I like fiction, he likes non-fiction. I like easy reads, he likes difficult ones. (I don't know that he actually likes them difficult to read, but I usually can't get into them.)

So we need lots of different books to keep us all happy.
Books used to cost us tons of money at Barns & Nobel or Borders, but then I found out our Library has a Book Sale four times a year. Some of them are old library books, but most of them are books that have been donated. We went last fall and picked up tons of books for all of us. They had the sale again this weekend and I took full advantage. Check it out!

Now we can play my husbands LEAST favorite game!
Guess how much I spent!
To make it fair, I'll give you a hint....
The first book I''m reading is a newer Nicholas Sparks book.
Borders price $24.99

I spent less than that on all of them!
You should check out your local Library and find out if they have book sales.

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