Monday, March 15, 2010

Wedding Weekend

MJ and I had a wonderful time at our friends wedding this past weekend. I would be lying if I said everything was perfect, but despite all the obstacles we had a great time.

There was a bad storm here in NJ, not a thunderstorm but a Nor-Easter. The rain was coming down in every direction. Just running from the parking lot to our room with our bags left us completely soaked. Luckily this prompted me to take a shower and dry my hair before going to have a drink with everyone. I really should have finished getting ready at this point, but we were in a hurry to see some friends.

We went up to our friend’s room for a drink or two, and while we were up there the power went out. No big deal, right? We all just waited for the power to come back on, and waited and waited. Still no power so we got ready in the dark. All that worrying about my dress and my white legs was in vain, no one could see me in the dark.

The wedding was beautiful and very romantic. They said their vows by candle light. The bride was gorgeous! We celebrated well into the wee morning hours. Unfortunately, the morning came even quicker with daylight savings time springing us forwards an hour.
So a big Congratulations to Michelle and James, we wish you all the best!

Here is a picture of MJ and I. Please excuse the finger. It is his way of showing affection!


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