Friday, March 5, 2010


While I am thankful that it is Friday, I am looking forward to Saturday. We are going to NY to see family. A much needed get away. Can you call going to your inlaws a getaway? I have great inlaws, so I can.

Before we can leave for NY, I need to get some things crossed off my list. So here I go to...

Mail Packages
Buy new baby gate
Get new library books
Produce Junction
Target - 2 Birthday Presents
Freecycle stuff
Eyebrows threaded
Wedding present for next weekend
RSVP to Birthday Party

If that isn't enough to fill up my day, I also have some laundry, dishes, and random housekeeping stuff to do. Did I mention that all of this needs to be completed by about 1:00pm? Wish me luck! Here I go.

Maybe I should add "tackle bed head" to my list? It was another rough night last night for peanut. Can you tell? At least she is in a good mood this morning.

ps. I realize that you don't really care about my to do list, but in order for me to get my butt in gear, I post it here for you all to see. Then I have some incentive to get some of it completed, so I can come back and update. If not, I would just sit here and eat bon-bons all day...

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