Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My blonde moment

So sometimes I have no brain at all.
I was just trying to be helpful. I finally dropped the rent for the condo we are renting on craigslist, and I guess that was the lucky price, because we got a lot of inquiries about it right away. MJ was going to show the apartment after work but the keys where here at home across the river. He had another showing later in the evening around 8:30, so he came home for dinner and then was going to head into the city later.

I wanted him to look at some paint samples while he was there, and decide what color to paint the kitchen in the condo. (If I remember, I will take some pictures of the colorful paint job it has now. Let just say the kitchen and hallway is lemon yellow... no sunshine yellow. It is bright! Which by itself doesn't look too terrible, but the trim in the hallway is what makes it hedious. It's bright blue. The first time I saw it I thought MJ had taped off the trim with painters tape. That's how blue it is.) MJ suggested that maybe I show the apartment, so I could decide the paint color for myself.

I agreed to show it and away I went with a blank lease and some paint samples. It was only once I had arrived, 30 minutes later, did I realize my mistake.   I didn't have the keys to the apartment.

So after I kicked myself a few times, I jumped back in the car and headed back over the river to retrieve the keys, and then back to the condo. The girl looking at the condo, bless her heart, was able to meet me 45 minutes later.

She even liked the apartment! Filled out the lease right there.

Looks like I have some painting to do.

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