Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

 Lots of things to be thankful for in my life....

MJ made dinner after driving home from West Virginia today. He made hamburgers on the grill. He makes a mean hamburger. Did I mention he also cleaned up after dinner? I am thankful for my husband (and his hamburgers)!

My Girls.

Good Health. Sure we have a cold here and there, with runny noses, the sniffles, and sneezes but we are all relatively healthy.

A weekend getaway with my husband. MJ's friend from college is getting married this weekend! Grandma and Grandpa J are coming to watch all three girls, while we stay at the hotel and enjoy being with friends.

Living close to family. When we lived in Texas, it was hard not having family around. Fortunately, we had great neighbors and friends. Having Grandma and Grandpa J within driving distance now is great, and I am praying that MJ's sister gets a job nearby. I just wish Iowa wasn't so far away.

Good Girlfriends. The kind of friend that you can pick up the phone and call anytime. The kind that knows everything, and then some!

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