Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On my own

MJ left early this morning. He has to work today, and then tonight he is driving somewhere for work. So it is just me and the girls today. This should be easy. It is only one night. When we first got married, he traveled a lot. It never bothered me back then. So why, you ask, is it causing some concern now?

Well, let's just say, I didn't have a very good day yesterday. The little one had some crankiness and crabbiness, and I guess she shared it with me. Boy was I in a mood yesterday. So here is hoping my attitude improves. I did finally get some sleep last night. I took my mom's advice and laid peanut back down with my new blanket. I didn't want to share it, but at 1am, I was desperate. Turns out that's what she wanted.

So let's hope my new found sleep will keep me happy and productive all day and night.
Otherwise, we're all going to bed at 6!

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